My interview on the Electronic Intifada podcast

I stopped by the Electronic Intifada podcast to talk Block the Boat and the UC grad student union’s historic upcoming BDS vote with the delightful Nora Barrows-Friedman – listen here!


An hour with Nora Barrows-Friedman and me on KPFA

I was on KPFA’s Project Censored this week with the Electronic Intifada’s Nora Barrows-Friedman to talk SJP activism (the topic of her new book) and BDS on campus. You can listen to the full hour of conversation here!

NYU SJP protest called anti-Semitic on Fox News (again)

As we did last year, NYU SJP commemorated the Nakba (“catastrophe” in Arabic) with a protest action in solidarity with Palestinians, thousands of whom protested all across Israel-Palestine. May 15 is the date Palestinians mark the ongoing colonization of their homeland, much of which was ethnically cleansed in order to establish the European settler colony of Israel.

One of the delightful people who spearheaded the failed attempt to get SJP suspended (over our action involving mock eviction notices) came all the way from Boston just to see today’s protest – and to go on Fox News later that night calling us and our protest anti-Semitic.

This isn’t the first time, either: As I wrote in my recent article for the Electronic Intifada, I began receiving harassing phone calls after a different person made similar allegations (and an even worse one) on Fox two days after the action.

At least this time they were Fair & Balanced enough to ask us for a statement. If you can stomach it, you can watch the clip here.

My eviction action article for NYU SJP is now up on Mondoweiss

NYU SJP’s mock eviction notice action didn’t shut down dialogue on campus – it opened up a space for it where there was none. My article for the NYU SJP blog setting the record straight is now up on Mondoweiss!

Statement regarding NYU SJP’s mock eviction notice action

NYU SJP’s statement regarding our mock eviction notice action on Wednesday:

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine

Eviction Notice final 2-page-001

Over 2,000 students at New York University received mock eviction notices on the morning of April 24th. Every resident in the Lafayette and Palladium residence halls was told to evacuate their dorm, which would be demolished within three days. The flyers were clearly fake — with the words “THIS IS NOT A REAL EVICTION NOTICE” scrawled across the bottom – yet they are grounded in a disturbing reality: since 1967, approximately160,000 Palestinians have received similar notices, only to witness their homes destroyed by Israeli forces shortly after. The purpose of this action, led by New York University’s Students for Justice in Palestine, was to draw attention to this reality Palestinians face daily.

Through its policy of housing demolitions, Israel aims to ethnically cleanse Israel/Palestine of its Arab inhabitants in a systematic manner. The rate at which this policy is carried out is astonishing. In 2012 alone a total…

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VIDEO: I debate Israel-Palestine for Washington Square News

Thursday night, I participated in a debate on Israel-Palestine with the Vice President of TorchPAC, NYU’s AIPAC affiliate, for the Washington Square Newss Op Ed Live. The video is now on YouTube: