For Rosa Luxemburg

Today, Jan. 15, is the anniversary of the death of Rosa Luxemburg, the revolutionary activist and thinker murdered in cold blood, along with Karl Liebknecht and thousands of German leftists, by Weimar Germany’s ruling Social Democrats in 1919. My friend Uwe Ness wrote a short poem in celebration of Rosa and what she means to the left, in Germany and around the world. The poem is a response of sorts to Luxemburg’s saying, “I feel at home in the whole world, wherever there are clouds, birds, and the tears of people.” I’ve translated it into English for his outstanding blog, and I’m posting it here so that I can share it with you all:

“For My Party”
by Uwe-Jürgen Ness
Every leaf that falls
is worth seeing,
to feel that it is and that it was.
Every leaf that falls
from the tree on which it hung
is life.
Within every leaf that falls
there is so much life,
that it almost makes you sorry
to tread over it.
It is life.
It is, in times of greatest crisis,
where it beats and flows,
the life, the blood, the heart. On the LEFT.

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